Advice to Beginner Self-Learning Programmer

Hey…im on html css and i would like to ask which projects i can use to practice what ive learnt

Hi @amelia2,

What I’ve done is to do the projects that I was guided through in some courses (including the freeCodeCamp certification projects and this Udemy course). Then I started looking at different pages online that I liked, and tried to re-create their styling and layout by myself (clone them).

Doing this was really frustrating at first, because I ran into things I didn’t know how to do at all. However, looking things up to apply immediately helped understand more how to put things together by myself.

I found it a good way of practicing my HTML and CSS.

Hope it helps!

Happy coding!


is there anyone who can help me …“How to practice CSS”

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Thank you that was really helpful


Check out this guy on YouTube…
He recorded for YouTube channel on database design.

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Hi @azeezafazlayah,

The only thing I can recommend is what I know has worked for me. Like I mentioned in the message above, I did two things:

  1. Followed tutorials to create small projects (on freeCodeCamp and Udemy both, although I know that there’s also a lot of tutorials on YouTube as well).

  2. Once I had the fundamentals in place, I looked at different pages I liked, and tried to re-created them using what I knew of CSS.

Honestly, I don’t know of any other way of actually practicing than just building stuff (it could be something small, like building a custom checkbox using CSS, to something big, like a whole website full of CSS animations and interactive menus).

Hope it helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy coding!

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Every single message helped me and others. Thanks everybody again!

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That book has helped me too!