Advise about my future

I am a student. I graduated from high school this year and I am well, very confused about my future. I don’t feel like joining a college. I like to make a career with the resources that freeCodeCamp provided me. I always wanted to become a web developer. I don’t feel that colleges are good enough for that purpose and being an average Joe, I can’t pay for the expensive colleges.

Coding for five-six years (with stops in between), I have gained basic knowledge about HTML, CSS, JS, Java, Python, C# and their frameworks like Express, React and MongoDB, Nodejs, Flask, JavaFX and other frameworks. I know that I haven’t completely mastered them but even so, I have gained enough experience to make a basic application. With those in mind, do you think I have scope to become a web developer?


If that’s what you want to do for a living, go for it! you surely don’t need to go to college if you don’t want or if you don’t have the money to do so, i feel like nowadays your knowledge and the things that you can do are more valuable than a college degree, so my only advise for you would be to always continue learning and coding, because sooner or later people are going to notice your skills and they’ll want to work with you :smiley: just keep going and don’t stop learning.

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Hey there,

so “Web Developer” is a specific job.

It seems you’re doing a little bit of everything,
while not going deep enough.

So I like to be curious, because I think it’s important to keep your tools sharp.
But a junior job is mostly not the right place to do this.

I think the next important steps are:

  • gaining practical skills in building web development projects
  • showing that you are able to build web development projects

There isn’t really a set recipe or number of steps. I would say if you have a basic working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS, along with some framework experience you are ready to get out there and find a job where you can get real world experience. You should get some good Web development projects up on GitHub to show during an interview. I would also focus on small businesses in your neck of the woods that would be open to taking on a junior person that can grow with a position. Not everyone starts off at Google and many never want to go that direction.

It’s good to have a wide net of basic experience, but now you want to pick a direction and get some depth as well. Front-end or back-end, Java or C# (.Net World), React or Vue etc… Lastly, you absolutely can do this without sinking the time and money into a college degree. Having some projects and being able to demonstrate what you can do will get you far. I have an 2yr AS degree in computer programming from a local college with focus on Visual Basic 6…so you can see how relevant that degree is to me today. I have never had an employer ask me about my college degree. Most of what I do today is self taught and learned on the job. Good luck!


Thanks everyone for answering my question.

Well, at the moment my strongest points are Express and React. Maybe, being a full-stack developer is best for me. I’ll have practice harder and even explore frameworks like Next.js for server-side rendering . When I’ll have honed my skills in those and then I reach for technologies to do some Machine Learning.

And as for showing off those skills, I really don’t how to proceed(I am not really popular to begin with).

Having a look at your recent projects and your current knowledge (highschool), I think it would be a good idea to think about step 1 and maybe step 2 and execute on them instead of dreaming of step 99.

I think you have enough knowledge and motivation to start to choose one thing, e.g. React and become really proficient in it.

“Proficient” means “I can build a project with a small team for some months and act like a professional (meetings, git, Jira, CI, CD)”.

Not “I setup React and then I put in some other stuff, and oh, there is NextJS, I will re-do the project from scratch with NextJS and oh what is this shiny thing, I will mix in some Machine Learning and …”.

As a junior web dev, you will fix bugs for some months in an existing project. 99.99% of existing projects don’t care about NextJS or some other new shiny thing.


solid advice for real.