AFK Arena Survey Form - Feedback

Made my AFK Arena Survey Form. What do you think? :blush: Any corrections or suggestions to further improve my code and the way I code? Thank you!

Hey @wilsonclave!

I think your form looks good.

A few things.

  • You have a small error in your css. Run your code through the analyzer.

  • Do not use br tags. Br tags should only be used with line breaks are significant like in a poem or address. If you want to create space between elements use css instead.

  • I think you should add the cursor pointer for the submit button.
    cursor: pointer;

Keep up the good work!

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Hey @wilsonclave! this section image it’s quite hard to read, I’d try to sort out the contrast.

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Thank you @jwilkins.oboe for your feedback! :blush: Made the corrections you mentioned.

Thank you @eldave! Edited my code. :slightly_smiling_face: put the description in side the form instead.