After about 10 years without a job

An old man called his son. His car wasn’t working. So his son called a mechanic.

the mechanic came a few hours later. He said, " show me the problem." the old man push pulled and shifted and nothing. Then the mechanic turns the key and started the car and said: “that will be $80, please.”

This is about how I feel now so please help out when you can.

I’m not entirely sure what you’re getting at. What can we do to help?

that’s what i mean I kept having to repeat myself over and over. no body understands me. and I doing stupid things.

You will need to be clear. When you need help:

Post a question.
Post code or link to the code
Once we ask clarifying questions and suggestions, post new code to show us what you have tried.
If something should be working but is not, let us know what browser or site you are using. You may have to change tools.
Don’t assume bugs, virus, server issues or hackers.

We certainly want to help you.

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There’s a similar story, of an office copy machine that stopped working. No one could figure out the problem so they called a repair guy. They explained the issue, he took out a little hammer, tapped the machine and it worked perfectly.

He said, that’ll be $100. The manager freaked out, all you did was tap the machine with a little hammer! It took you 3 seconds! The repairman said, my fee isn’t for how long it took me, it’s for my experience in knowing where to tap.

You can’t compare yourself to these tales of experienced folks who just know what to do. That’s the goal… right now you are starting where every single person started out. No one knows everything… or anything when they start the path to learn something.

So don’t be so hard on yourself. If you’re having a problem, explain what that problem is so that others who know where to tap that little hammer can help you.