After finishing front end, where would I start on the new certificates?

I looked briefly at the beta and what each of the new certificates was teaching. I was thinking I could review some of the new material in the responsive web design, as well as Sass/React/Redux in the Front End Libraries. Afterwards, I could start with the data visualization certificate.
What do you guys think? What are you doing? Has there been an official recommendation from anyone who worked on planning the new certificates?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s up to you. Some people want to go check out the beta version of the curriculum while others just continue on the map. If you do choose to go through the new curriculum, please remember that being a beta tester means that none of your completed challenges on the beta site will be saved to your real profile and that the curriculum is still in beta because it still has bugs.

My question wasn’t really should I continue on the map or go to the beta. I’m already certain that I want to do the new curriculum in the beta. I’m just wondering where I would pick up in the new curriculum after I have finished the Legacy Front End Certification.

Wherever you want. Look at the map and see what’s new to you in the first couple sections, or jump to partway through “Front End Libraries” if you haven’t learned React, etc yet. Or jump to Data Visualization if that’s what’s interesting to you.

Ah, just went trough the same question few days ago :slight_smile:
I decided to go for data visualization path in the beta site ( you will find also AJAX and JSON recall ) and now i’m starting the projects ^^
I had a doubt which seems to be solved in this topic: the challenges are available ONLY in the beta site, but the projects are available in both the sites.

Where should you complete them? Can you submit the same project in the actual site and in the beta one? As far as i can understand now the beta is still in a ‘bubble’, the solid version is what actually matters^^

Btw the d3 challenges are quite straightforward, so if you want to have a look at them i think you can acquire the use of that library quite fast :slight_smile:

Hope it helps,

For the projects, you submit them just by submitting a link to your project, so it’s easy enough to just use the same link when the new projects go live.

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