After learning the basics of JavaScript, what should I learn next?

I have already completed raw basic javasceipt code . should i go with framework or learn vanilla js (plain ES6). I have some little about knowledge of Jquery

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Well, it’s up to you, really. However, if you learn more vanilla JS, you may understand more about how the frameworks work. I’m going to learn more JS because it will make me less dependent on frameworks. That said, knowing frameworks is useful as you may see them in code you could be editing in the future.


Hi, I would also advise to learn about design patterns, but only after you learn a bit more of advanced JavaScript. In my opinion they are very important and they should be present on FCC as well (I hope one day we’ll see them) :slight_smile: .


I would say do the ES6 section after the functional and OO sections: if you do it first, then it will drop a lot of new concepts on you with each lesson. If you do it after it will often be more like “you’ve already learnt these things, here’s a different way of writing them”.

The front-end frameworks section does have a large React section, and React is easier if you have slightly more advanced JS knowledge, so it may also help to complete the JS certificate before going for it. That being said, it can get very boring doing stuff that has no visual side to it and is more like theory, so 🤷, diving in and building things is good.


Thanks for your advice

Does ‘OO’ means javaScript object oriented ??

Yes, sorry, I should have written that - the sectoin “Object Oriented Programming”. Basically, I would put off ES6 until you’ve done the other sections, and the Basic/Intermediate Algorithm Scripting sections you can keep doing in different ways as you learn different concepts/techniques, there aren’t really right and wrong answers.


@DanCouper got that . Thanks for the information . another question is that if I want to work with front end developer do i need to data visualization I have already completed front end libraries certification from here

D3 is fairly specialised, there’s a slight chance you might use it in future, but likely not if you aren’t doing things that require dataviz.

The JSON APIs and AJAX section: you’ll definitely, definitely be using both JSON APIs and AJAX extensively, but that section is quite small and uses XMLHttpRequest instead of fetch and Promises/async-await. And fetch and Promises/async-await is what you are likely to want to use: it’s highly unlikely you’re going to be using XMLHttpRequest in practice nowadays, it’s been superceded. It’s quite a short section, so no harm doing it, but I’d look at something else to get a better feel for it – I can’t suggest anything off the top of my head I’m afraid

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ok got that. Thank you

Most definitely learn the ES6 features. You should feel at home with promises and async / await.

Then learn a Framework. I suggest React or Vue. React is the king, I would go for that one personally. Vue is relatively new, and it’s gaining popularity, but manly, it is very easy to learn and to use.

From there you can delve deeper into JS, learn NodeJS/ExpressJS… depends on what you want


can you please suggest any open source project on github where I can practice JavaScript skills ? As I feel just learning programming skill is not giving enough confidence


I don’t know of any particular project.

You should review what you learn with Anki cards, or you will forget what you study

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What’s “Anki Cards”, how do you use it ?

Read this

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Thanks, looks interesting method to remember things in tech

I’ve been working through “Javascript Novice to Ninja” by Darren Jones and it’s been useful to provide more background info on JS. Also includes chapters on Object Oriented programming, Ajax, and APIs.

I’m using it as a supplement to the FCC exercises.