After one year finally got job

Last month got a job as a software tester( Automation ) :slight_smile:

  1. Completed my engineering degree in 2017
  2. didn’t get any placement support from my college.
  3. and had health issues so got to take gap of nearly 1 year, GoToMeeting after that had to start look for a job but didn’t get any.
  4. so one of my friend told me to take IrfanView training in automation testing as it is on boom so searched for training.
  5. and joined some[software testing training for 8 moths, after doing it they helped me to get job.
    so just want to tell you guys Don’t give up and hustle up, you will definitely get a job.,…
    Thank you,
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Work and patience pay in the end :wink:

What kind of automation do you work on. Is it unit testing?