After so many hours frustration working on the survey form I just finished

Hello my Seniors, kindly check out my just created web survey form @ and please leave your remark.

What can I improve to make it better and nicer.

I had a hard time making the layout for the webpage because I wasn’t trying to use tables.
Anyway is using tables for laying out forms an acceptable practice?

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There is no validation on the email.
I can just type a incomplete email address on it.

Validation is set on the email field with the type=“email” attribute. Sometimes it triggers when the submit form is clicked

Regarding tables for layout, thats been outdated for over a decade now, you should learn more about grid and flexbox if you want to go down that route

Moreso @Cowwy client-side validation can be by-passed. ideally I would validate my inputs at server-side.

Thanks @paulgoogle for the quick reply, Anyway I used css-grid for my webpage layout.

Just thought using tables for my form layout would have made my life simple and save me time.

Client side validation is still a really important aspect of ux

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very accurate and true

I love the styling and design! Awesome!:grinning::star_struck: