After some edits, is the web site job ready?

I recent completed some edit to my web site. In your opinion do you think it is job ready.

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I think it looks good. If this is the portfolio that you want to use for junior dev jobs it would be nice if future employers could see the live sites to your projects.

Also, I think you can just have your projects on the same page as the rest of your content. It would be nice to keep everything all in one place.

Hope that helps!

Happy coding!

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should the full project open in target="self of have an iframe of the projects?

I personally like the default target self option. Keep it all in one place without extra tabs.

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Thanks for the feed back really appreciate it!

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Hey! I love the site. I hope to be able to build one myself, soon! I just wanted to chime in with a little bit of grammar help! In the subtitle that says what you’ve learned/are learning, you shouldn’t say “have currently learned.” Just a tiny error! Change it to something like, “Have learned and am currently learning.” Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much. Best of luck in your future. I hope to one day return the favor should you ever need it.