After successful remote work, no jobs any more for 6 years now


I worked online for several years as a software/web developer but now I had like 6 years no jobs at all. I tried all freelance sites and could not get any job although I have recommendations and very good online portfolio . No jobs in my country and I tried to apply to jobs in other countries but they always reject my application I think because of visa difficulties .

Any advise ?

Have you been writing code and building things in the last six years? If your resume/portfolio doesn’t show anything since 2017, that is probably hurting you.

Yes I learned Reactjs and Nodejs and made a demo project from 6 years and I was sending resume + demos + portfolio

I got few interviews in 2017 but they always send me to exam platform to solve complex tasks in 30 minutes !! I was also applying to small companies.

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