After you have knowledge of both HTML and JavaScript, how do you implement them together?

Are there any resources that teaches you how to put the two programming language together? Like say you use HTML & CSS to make a button, and you want to use JavaScript keep track of how many times you clicked it. Any help on where you can learn syntax for like,

var count = 0;
if(*button is clicked*) {

Any help would be appreciated and thank you in advance.

There are many free courses on YouTube which you can check out. I mainly follow John Smilga, Brad Traversy, and Colt Steele. These three names all have videos both explaining how to fundamentally achieve what you are asking, and also some really cool projects for you to code along after the learning process.

Brad Traversy’s DOM Interaction Course
Colt Steele’s 3 Hour Long JavaScript Course
John Smilga’s 8 Hour Long Vanilla JS Projects


That’s what the section after JavaScript is about :smiley:


Oh…thank you for telling me.