Age 14 and starting my career

So I’m 14 and want to be a dev.
So I really like filmmaking but it is very pricy… So I was finding those how to get money videos. Obviously they didn’t work… So then I stumbled upon programming so I started searching. I was searching for tutorials everywhere and tried the YouTube “Learn insert language in 2 hours!”, it didn’t work out for me. So then I found the FCC. And what was a way to get money, is probably my new hobby. I wanted to ask if fcc is enough. Should I visit also any other courses? Or maybe books, etc.?
Can I get a full-on job (later on because of my age) with fcc or follow different learning platforms?

Hi @timotejferenc,

First, some unsolicited advice: Yes, money is important, but there are other important things. Set your goals now, and work backwards from those goals to what you need to do today to achieve them. If you want to make movies, find a way to make movies. Perhaps you’ve decided software is a way to provide money for making movies in your spare time? Excellent… read on.

It sounds like you want to eventually get a job in the tech industry. FCC is a great start, but you’ll want to start building a few projects in order to demonstrate your capabilities when you start interviewing. Like you said, because of your age (14), you likely can’t even legally work in most states, as a developer.

Start planning how you’ll get into a good college to study computer science. If you’re lucky and you or guardians can pay for it, cool. If not, what scholarships will you aim for? Do you need to kick ass at a sport to get a sports scholarship? Can you make a great film and get an arts scholarship?

How can you prep before college to get a running head start? I was lucky and had been coding for 4 years before I went to college (also started at 14 :slight_smile:). The first two years were very easy for me because of it. Many of the other students struggled.

If you’re planning on not going to college, consider setting up your own business (actually do this anyway!). Learn what you need to do to make that happen.

Last thing I’ll say is to look at the reality of a having a job. Why should someone hire you? It’s simple: If I hire you for $10 an hour, it’s because I believe you will earn me back more than $10 in that same hour. Usually a lot more. Software engineers get paid $100k+ per year because they’re probably bringing in $500k+ for that company. Start learning how the system works and you’ll be far ahead of your peers.

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