Age gating dev jobs

I have rarely come across developer job postings that come with an age restriction. I guess, I haven’t seen any that I was actually interested in, so it never really hit me and I never gave it a second thought. However, today I came across a position that I actually liked and it clearly stated that job applicants must be under 30. Seriously??? I never thought 30 as being too late to get into any job. Suddenly, I am aware of my age and tbh feeling a bit old, lol. I got this lead from a person in a staffing company. So, I do not know if this is something that the staffing company is deliberating over or its client (employer/job poster). I tried to look at the job posting directly, which I did see, but the link for the posting returned a 404.

Is this even legal? I am not able to see the rationale behind such a decision but does anyone know or understand why anyone would do this?

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It sounds like some kind of scam to me. You never know these days :frowning:

I’d say at the very least it depends on the country. Here in Japan the paradigm has been for a long time that you’re meant to enter a company directly after college, and then spend your life slowly working up the hierarchy. If you hire a 35 year old with less experience than a 21 year old it makes the whole senpai/kohai relationship strange. These days though a lot of companies are trying to westernize, and a lot of young people are breaking out of the “work for one company until you die” paradigm in general, so things are slowly changing.

Labor laws in general will also be different depending on country.

That’s illegal in the USA…

That’s discrimination and should be reported…

I believe very much that that’s changed. Companies are less and less discriminatory. Their own government everyday mandating more and more capacity and assistance toward immigrant labour.

I know many, many Japanese business men who have told me “one life-one job” just isn’t true at all anymore. Many of them job-hop, certainly not to the extent that those in NA/Europe may do but the situation is changing quickly at an rate.

Doesn’t sound legal, and think of it this way:

Any company that is openly discriminating against others is a red flag. You don’t want to work there. #moveon

Illegal and ignore it. Don’t pay mind to it because imo software is the only tech where age is not an issue rather than if you can do it.