Age is important learn cybersecurity?im 24 years old i want to reach high level

age is important learn cybersecurity?im 24 years old i want to reach high level?can i?

Of course, it is! If you haven’t started by age 10 then it’s better to…

Just kidding :sweat_smile:
Age doesn’t really matter that much as long as you are motivated enough. It just really depends on how much effort you put into it. As you advance in age you might have more and more responsibilities to take care of and setting time aside for a new goal might be an issue.

I’m going towards 26 and I never considered age to be a problem. Just quit my job about three months ago to become a web developer. Hei, there are some people here who started after turning 40. It’s really up to you.

Still, the sooner you start the sooner you can achieve your goal :grinning: So worry less and start working.

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Like many things age is not important to learn cyber-security.

However, experience is important. Cyber-security is highly sought after, but hard to break into because of this. It’s one thing to be a “developer in training” where more experienced developers can help you learn, teach, and prevent you from screwing up. It’s another when there are literally criminals trying to hack your organization in a multitude of ways and will try whatever they can to exploit any inexperience.

Because of this, it’s usually recommended to have some kind of training, or background in the field. As businesses don’t want to take a risk on their own cyber security, and usually either higher specialists, or hire accomplished individuals.

A high level might take time, but it’s possible.

I highly recommend looking into cyber-security roles to get an idea of what would at least get you in the field. I’d also verify you can meet any of the “hard requirements” you see. I don’t know if there are many cyber-security jobs out there that will take people without training, except those “specialist” companies that provide dedicated training for cyber-security. These companies train you, then send you off to help other companies protect their digital assets.

The best thing about cyber-security, is it is easily one of the most stable jobs moving forward into the future. But it is demanding work, and one that continually is in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

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