Agriculture student

Hello everyone, i’m an agriculture student and im coding newbie , im asking you what should i learn ? , and it needs to be useful in agriculture

Well, unless someone who hangs out here is an expert in agriculture I’m not sure you are going to get much help. Since you are familiar with agriculture perhaps you can tell us what that field needs as far as software is concerned. I would imagine you can’t go wrong with web development, as that seems to be pretty popular in almost any discipline. But I’m just guessing here.


what can make the farm management process easier i guess it would necerally cover : record-keeping/maintenance, fertilizer/water saturation, crop rotation ,seeding/harvesting time , pest control, weather precipitation history and prediction ,yield prediction,Track farming,resources optimization , risk management…

I do not see too much correlation between your field and coding.

Unless you want to do strong forecasting (For example ARIMA Models for agricultural prices and that kind of stuff) coding will not help you too much.
You can learn more about relational databases, this skill is useful for what you are trying to do.
Hope this helps.

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Thank you , yes it really did and it’s also intresting :muscle:

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All industries and businesses at some level are technology based.
From something as simple as a website, to something more complex like internal application for common tasks all businesses and industries require, like software to manage payroll, taxes, scheduling, communication, to buisnesses built on software, like Google or Amazon. Every business requires some kind of technology, and thus software, and thus someone at some level is writing code for that business.

However, not all industries and businesses require the same level of software, there is also the option that industries use the same software, and a company builds for all of them. Take for example a company like Grubhub or Turbo Tax, where 1 company interacts with all these other smaller businesses to perform a dedicated task/service for them. This means your mom and pop coffee shop down the street only pays a few dollars a month (or a % on each transaction) to get this service, rather than paying some software developer directly.

That is the power of software, and also the “bane”. Where one company can do it for you, and serve multiple people in an entire industry.

So going back to your industry, which is agriculture, such an industry probably already uses software at some level, but that level is probably already taken over by a few companies that are dedicated to that industry. As if there is a problem, odds are there are existing solutions.

I’d seek those out and see what is already available. Its possible these companies are hiring and could use someone who already has the domain knowledge and skills to help them with their software.

Otherwise your looking at more of a situation where you need to either “catch up” or find a niche where you can write a solution to a problem that isn’t solved (or optimize an existing solution).

Regardless there is room to learn, but due to agriculture being a focused field of knowledge, the domain knowledge you have only applies to that specific domain. Meaning there isn’t much room to “branch out” as agriculture is just that, agriculture.

Good luck, keep learning, keep growing :+1:

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Thanks Brad, yes I am already ready to start learning different levels of software, and I only asked if there was a path to follow and grow alongside agriculture, and if not, software is also an amazing domain.

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