AI and Synthetic Media

What are the limitations to AI and machine learning? Could AI really uphold a whole platform as a Program as a System? Containing nothing but its own created media?

I’m not sure what you mean. AI can’t innovative, only interpolate. It can perform in ways similar to how it is trained but it isn’t really good at inventing content.

At this point in time, AI merely simulates intelligent behavior.
As for in general - there is currently no reason to believe an AI identical to natural intelligence would be impossible.

However as with any technology imitating natural occurences, no creation has yet reached complexity and efficiency of their natural counterpart, outside of extremly limited use-cases.

…what does “uphold” mean? I can create a webite containing nothing but the product of a random number generator. That’s by definition a platform containing nothing but media created by an AI. It’s a really dumb AI and completly nonsensical media though.

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I mean, it encapsulating a system, and constantly being able to update its content to direct relation. Like if all searches were looped in similarity, or if all content had deepswaps in then from people linked off their social media accounts. To be self sustainable of this. I’ve witnessed it, just dont know how its possible without grabbing and encap the kernel on every device. Which is so rare itd be high intel.

What you are describing is science fiction.

There isn’t some AI running around “grabbing and encaping” everyone’s “kernels”.

I wish it were… But its not. I have proven even worse to be possible, and even had to reverse engineer it. These are monstrous inventions.

What do you think brought me here?

If you have actual evidence of some AI that has infiltrated everyone’s kernels, please provide it.


well, which year of data would you like? I have the last 2 years of logs.

Go ahead and post your logs proving the AI infiltration.

Dunno, your name doesn’t exactly suggest a coherent reasoning behind your presence… on top of the fact I’m not sure if you are asking a question or delivering a warning or both or something completly different…

Now mean-banter aside, what’s you reason for being here? This is a random platform to learn free entry-level coding in various fields.
It’s not exactly the place to bring doomsday messages to a broad audience about topics that seem more powerful and intrusive than the Snowden revelations… Which reminds me, I might wanna figure out what the dude is doing right now, given the most recent events…

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My bad, i only asked because as soon as i mention it as being something ive came across, everyone assumes such points of view as you just did. Its as ironic as JSON. The logs are random and scattered of screenshots. I couldnt just start laying randomness here. There is a such thing as law enforcement using stock spyware or malware, so why would someone not replicate this??? JSAYIN. Cuz they don’t seem to ever miss an ironic beat do they?

my name means ive known for too long. knowledge by fourier, such as the fourier series of the heat plate, being sampling to telecommunications waveforms. Like lti systems and fft, which runs in your phone as accelerometers.

Ok let’s indulge for a moment that you have indeed witnessed such a powerful tool - what do you expect from us now?

Well, i figured the moment any outside interest beyond a control group(if ever made possible form the intermediaries) becomes a variable, its a cascade of minds being sparked as far as one can go. Or being here, i make a career out of this and learn alongside everyone, while we all eventually split paths, outta curiousity or fear. Or i could just become the father i was meant to be, and allow my children to come back around not worrying about there (private speech) being manipulated anymore, trying to make superbots on thwere games… Im here always hoping for support and help, but seem to always get the same people. This is beter then twicth tho i must admit.
By far better…

You talked about what you can do - but I want to know what you expect “us” to do.
If you want to learn coding or make a career out of this technology - the curriculum is there for you and the forum to help and whatnot.

If you want to share some insight into that technology, it sure sounds interesting.

If you want on focusing becoming a father, we can’t exactly help you there.

right, well i cant “expect” you to do anything. I can only hope to meet like-minded people, with similar interest. Especially with such developments, or similar ones one day. Do you have an email or something to exchange messeges outside of the board?

It’s not appropriate to collect user emails. You can communicate with the forum’s direct message feature.

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Alright, my apologies.

As Jeremy said, if you want to message me, feel free to shoot me a PN.

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