Aiden Portfolio finished!

Hey guys, it’s been so long since I started this journey. Zero regrets! Here’s the last html&css challenge: the portfolio. Please tell me what do you think :smiley:

Your page looks good @Aiden22. Some things to revisit;

  • The nav links are hard to see. Not enough contrast with dark text on a dark background. I think it’s even harder to see when expanding the hamburger menu on smaller screens.
  • While the hover effect is okay what about those that don’t have the ability to hover…id est, smaller screens?
    • What about those that use the keyboard to navigate? There’s no focus so they don’t even know when they’re over the projects.

Your portfolio looks great.
I will agree with @Roma , the nav links dont stand out enough and my attention is mostly drawn towards only because i have made the same project^^
Even as someone who can hover, i found the hidden projects to be too…hidden. Dont get me wrong, i like the effect, but if you dont happen to hover over them, you might not even realize there is something beneath :stuck_out_tongue:

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Agree with this one, maybe make the preview screenshot or the project title visible by default and the other elements fade in on hover

Hey guys! Thank you very much for your feedback! much appreciated :smiley:
Here are the changes I did:

  • Navbar now more visible.
  • Desktop version: Put a “Put your mouse over me” text to make the cards effects more visible.
  • Mobile version: Disabled the hover effect on the cards (all of them are visible now).

The only problem I found is the one that @Roma commented about the keyboard users: I can’t find a way to make the hover effect with a ‘tab’ action. As you can see, if you tab in this section, you pass all over the links to see the project BUT the hover effect won’t appear (I guess you need a mouse).

Here’s a hint. When a keyboard user tabs through the page they focus on areas of the page. Much the same as the hover
Notice when you tab through now you see a “box” around each of the items in the navbar. That’s called focus. Notice though that it currently doesn’t have the same effect as when a mouse user hovers.
Hope that helps.

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