Al Caps Tribute page

Here it is, my tribute page!

Here comes Winston!!!

I would love your feedback? Don’t spare me!

O, and I’m not a native English speaker/writer and I’m pretty much a noob so i don’t know were to write those user stories? Could someone help me with that?

Yes i will accept you laughing at me first before you help me. :blush:

Whow! Its so bad nobody bordered to give me some feedback?

Its wonderful for a beginner. Keep up the great work!

How I would criticise a 3+ year web developer if they did a tribute page like that (these are out of order):

  1. The UX, and UI is garbage
    • Too much text
    • The color scheme is hard on the eyes
    • The typography is just not my style
    • The quote at the top shouldn’t be the same font and size as the main content (timeline).
    • The white space isn’t optimized and looks odd.
    • And more but I don’t want to keep adding things to make you feel bad about your work. Its wonderful! Don’t give up, you will improve with every single project. I have seen worse and you are definitely on a good track in web development.

Want a tribute page to base off of for future projects? Click here.

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Thanks for the feedback. Do you by any change now were i must write those user stories?

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