Alan Turing Tribute Page - feedback requested

I’ve just posted my tribute page to Alan Turing to my server and would welcome any feedback about the page.

Here’s the link:


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Great first project effort. Responsive image and paragraph alignment which is excellent.
I have some suggestions for improvement which I hope you can try:

  • the paragraph that comes after the image seems to touch the borders you used slightly. Perhaps you can limit the spread of the paragraph (maybe try some padding) to make it always nest nicely within the page.
  • you can explore making the font size responsive to the size of the view port (bigger when there is more space, smaller when there is less)
  • the image of Turing gets cut off in the middle because it is a responsive image and gets larger with the window. I think you can control that better if you specified how big it could get in relation to the size of the viewport height. (that way the whole image can be seen without scrolling).

Great work and best of luck on the next project.

Appreciate the feedback. I added some padding to the paragraphs at the bottom so that they avoid the border and I set a max-height for the image so that it shouldn’t get cut off on most screens.

I need to spend some time looking into the font size changes - should make for some interesting reading.

As a bonus, I changed the background color - no more bland gray!

(If you force reload, shift+F5, you should be able to see the changes.

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Nice, I checked it out again and I definitely see those fixes.

For changing font size you can play with ‘rem’, ‘em’ and of course a fraction of the vw when specifying it and I believe you will see some interesting results.