Albert Hoffman tribute page

Hi guys, this is my first page ever and I know its looking like a kid did it but I am lacking of criative solutions about what to do

good criticism is more than welcome

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This is actually pretty good :slight_smile:

@rtorrano For a first page ever it is actually good. From the creativity aspect it is great that you selected a background image to be a picture of albert hoffman but I suggest you to rather put up some image regarding molecular structure which is not affected by the text overlapping over it. Also in the second part where the background color is blue you can make some text as white. Dark blue is making it a bit hard to read. On the whole is a great tribute page you have there.

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Pal, i think i am nearly there
just trying to figure how do i Center this blue text on the video link better on the first part… and if theres a way even it being a link to display the letters in black for a better contrast?


Hey @rtorrano, according to what I understood you want to better align the text on the first page below the image and it should change color to black when the user brings pointer over it… Here is what I added to the existing code and hope it satisfies your needs:

  1. Add a “br” tag after closing the “img” tag and starting with the “em” tag.
  2. Add a:hover{color:#000;} in your CSS file that will change the link color to black when the pointer is over it.
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It looks pretty good, the link work and I can see the image and text, which means the code works. Well done!

You could organise the text within

in different paragraphs

just to give it a little bit of form to the text in paragraphs, you can style your paragraphs using HTML or on CSS, using different fonts, etc. if you feel like it.

The link for the first video perhaps you can place it underneath the image.

lol i dont know if you guys being nice or if its good coz for me it looks kinda retarded