Alex Murray Portfolio Project

Good evening, developers. I have completed my portfolio project and would greatly appreciate any feedback. Here is a link to the project in CodePen: I use Bootstrap so much that I decided to go with a different CSS library just for fun. So, I went with W3.CSS. I tried to achieve a more minimalistic approach. I like the quickness of the W3 CSS library and was able to achieve the look I was going for and relative speed. I added modals to the pictures using basic JS. The page is mobile responsive, but I do need to add a hamburger menu to the nav bar when it is collapsed. Overall, I am happy with the look of the page and look to deploy online soon. Again, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!



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Hey Alex

I love the design of this project! The image you chose as your landing is sleek and it responds perfectly to size changes. And that modal effect is hella sexy. My only problem with the project would be the padding beneath the image text seems like it should be adjusted. Right now, it’s hovering just above the bottom line of the div.

I’m not sure if you’re planning on using this as a professional portfolio, but if you are, I’ll throw you some feedback about my initial reaction to the page. For a computer programmer portfolio, I think you should highlight your skills, portfolio, and the image of yourself front and center. I was a bit confused when I saw your photo gallery because I wasn’t sure if you worked on those web sites (Miike Snow, Baku Art Gallery, etc) until I read the three paragraphs about yourself. In terms of that blurb, I think you should reduce the amount you talk about your hobbies, and more about your skills. You have 75% knowledge of Node.js - so what do you know about it? What have you built with it? Same with React and MySQL.

But take that feedback with a grain of salt, because this could simply be a pet project for all I know!

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Hi Alex, I love how sleek your page is! I’m on my phone right now and it renders so well!

I agree with @drregg6, maybe your photo and toolbox should be part of your About Me section. Also, maybe this is just on a phone, but the nav bar links take you down a bit too far on the page, past the section heading, for example if I click “About Me”, the page scrolls down past the actual heading that says “About Me”. I hope that makes sense. It seems to be working well for your Projects section though, so maybe you could follow what you did there.

I’m not familiar with the W3 CSS library, so I’m afraid I can’t offer any feedback on that, but I do appreciate how little CSS you actually have to write! You did a great job on this project!

Hope this was helpful!


I appreciate your candor, Dave! My intention is to use this as a professional portfolio, and I didn’t want to come off as too stuffy. :laughing: I just purchased a web domain and wanted to tighten up a few things before I deploy. I will take everything you said under advisement and make adjustments accordingly and give it another go!

I really appreciate your feedback!


Thank you, Chloe! Yes, the navigation links do appear to take the user beyond the section heading. There are still a few things I need work on prior to deploying to the domain. I also attempted to add smooth scrolling with jQuery, but there are a few issues that I need to work through with that as well. I really appreciate all of the feedback.

Per your’s and Dave’s observation, I will also make some changes to the section to highlight my skills in the about me section, in addition to moving my photo.

You guys are awesome!

Alex :smiley:

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