Alfred Sommer Tribute Page

Greetings freeCodeCampers:

I actually built this tribute page almost a year ago.

I am just now submitting it, other than a few tweaks I did like adding a link and filling out some of the lists. If I remember I was going for full responsiveness and playing around with borders and CSS even though the minimum standard required no CSS.

I probably should go back over some of the CSS and HTML lessons as that was a long time ago and I am a bit out of practice.

Alfred Sommer Tribute Page

Hi there,

The “img-responsive” class you added to your images is part of bootstrap 3. Since you are using bootstrap 4 make use of “img-fluid” class which makes your image resposive by changing

  • max-width:100%
  • height:auto.

you may change the width property (in your medium-thumbnail class) if you need too, also always specify images width/height in percentage% rather then pixel (makes image static)

All The Best!

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Thank you! I’m going to make those changes when I get back to my laptop.

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