Algorithm, Data structure and Job interview

I have recently began learning algorithm and data structures. Algorithm and data structure are very common in job interview. My question is this, are all web developers (frontend and full-stack) required to have basic and advance knowledge of algorithm and data structure for Entry level and Mid Level interviews and actual job responsibilities. Or are software engineers/developers, of all level, the only ways required to master the skill.

I am asking the question because there so many conflicting information out there.Here is what one from youtube said:

The information is extremely useful in various contexts but definitely not essential in most. It is kinda generally useful (to you, not just as a way to pass interviews) in all contexts. It will be essential in some contexts (embedded, for example). Some companies will ask as a matter of course, some will not. Anecdata: I’ve never been asked any question on algorithms/data structures in a job interview: I’ve interviewed for front and back end. Other peoples’ experiences will be different. That’s why you get conflicting information.

I think just like @DanCouper said, opinions vary with individual experience. My opinion is, knowing algorithms and data structures (even at the basic level) is absolutely necessary for a developer because it appears most of the big tech companies give algorithm related interview challenges (though you may not actually use it in your everyday job). Besides, by solving algorithm challenges you learn problem solving skills which is very essential in a software development job.

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