Algorithm Scripting: pig latin

Can pass last test.

function translatePigLatin(str){
  let rem = '';
  if(str[0]  == 'a' || str[0] == 'e' || str[0] == 'i' || str[0] == 'o' || str[0] == 'u' )
    return str + 'way';
    for(let x=0;x<str.length;x++){
      if(str[x] == 'a' || str[x] == 'e' || str[x] == 'i' || str[x] == 'o' || str[x] == 'u'){
       return str.slice(x, ) + rem +'ay';
        rem += str[x];
return str;


They want me to return if there are no vowels and i did return str but the compiler didn’t get it. why?

Make sure to return the string with ‘ay’ at the end.
so for eg.
if you have ‘my’ then it becomes ‘myay’

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