Algorithm Scripts

I’ve just started this section and feeling low. I’m finding myself googling step by step ways of tackling the questions. I’ve had to find help for every question. I feel like at one stage I progressed a lot through the Javascript modules but now I feel like I have gone back to square one! I don’t want to give up but feel like I have no clue on anything!

What you’re experiencing is normal. This is where it starts getting hard. The early JavaScript material introduces you to the language, but now you’re learning how to solve problems using only JavaScript. Think of it as the difference between learning vocabulary in a foreign language and someone actually speaking to you in that language.

Here is some general advice:

  • Be patient and gentle with yourself. Expect these lessons to each take much longer than the previous lessons. Expect that some will feel much harder than others for you. Remember that this is a skill that can only be built with time and experience. You can’t speedrun it. Allow yourself to step away from a lesson even if you’re not done. Stretch, pet a dog, have a snack, and come back when you’re feeling refreshed and enthusiastic.
  • Approach these tasks differently than the syntax ones. Very often, the hard part of the algorithm challenges isn’t the code itself; it’s planning out your logic. A lot of times you can get yourself turned around in circles if you jump right into typing code. Use a notepad (literal or virtual) and break the problem down, organize your thoughts, list what steps you need, outline your solution, and take notes on what things you try and fail.
  • Talk to your peers. One philosophy that we work hard to support on this forum is the idea that we can best help each other by talking through the problem together. Coming to the forum for advice on a challenge shouldn’t feel like a failure. It also is likely to help you much more than looking up hints and solutions elsewhere, because we will try to give advice that encourages you to keep working through the problem.
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Thank you so much for your reply Arie , it is truly appreciated. I will certainly take up and use your points.

Good luck and happy coding!

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