Algorithmic trading missing section

Hello, I am a beginner trying to complete the Algorithmic trading using python, but section 2 is completely missing. It is very important it covers ‘’ Cloning The Repository & Installing Our Dependencies, Jupyter Notebook Basics and The Basics of API Requests”. I have no idea how to do this can someone please help? Thanks!

could you give the link of what you are talking about? I don’t think I have yet had the chance to cone across Algorithmic tradinc course

Thank you for your help! Here is the course link:

And the video link:

thank you for your report, I have written to to inform the editorial team of the issue

Thank you, I really appreciate your help. I cannot express how critical this missing content is. There are several other comments on the video of others expressing their confusion, but unfortunately, the clarification offered is not enough to bridge the gap at the beginner level.

Using a computer for trading is a great idea. This method can be ideal for those who do not have enough time to study possible trades. But I prefer to deal with the conclusion of transactions personally.

The editorial team has updated the article, thank you for your report!

All they did was remove the missing content from the page. Where can I learned these, vital yet missing, topics?

there are guides on how to use git, you can use those
the video can’t be updated, so the best course of action was to make the article match the video