Algorithms - Find the Symmetric Difference

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function sym(...args) {
    let [args0, ...argsRest] = args
    for (const arg of argsRest) {
     let arrAux = []
     for (element of args0) {
         arg.includes(element) || arrAux.includes(element) ? (null) : (arrAux.push(element))
     for (element2 of arg) {
         args0.includes(element2) || arrAux.includes(element2) ? (null) : (arrAux.push(element2))
     args0 = arrAux 
    return args0.sort();

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Challenge: Algorithms - Find the Symmetric Difference

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Can someone help me out with this?

I’ve tested it myself and it runs properly on each one of the tests. I don’t say it’s the best or most optimal solution but I know it runs.

Did this happen to anyone else when solving the excercise?


Do you see any error messages showing the FCC console or the browser console? I do.

Weird! I do not

And it actually runs smoothly in VSC

Okay, found the error, my bad, I was not defining the “iterable elements” within each one of the inner loops.

Just checked it by calling the function after the code shown above.


The FCC tests run in strict mode, which expects all variables to be declared.