Aligning the label with the textarea on the Survey Form

Having trouble aligning the label with the textarea. Thanks for any help/feedback

You simply forgot to close the Improve product div.

So your Textarea lives inside the right column.

 <li class="checkbox">
   <input name="engaging" value="4" type="checkbox" class="userInput">Adding instructional videos</label></li>
<!-- Maybe you want to close the previous row here-->

    <div class="nextRow">
      <div class="label">
        <label for="suggestions"><p>Any Comments or Suggestions?</label></p>

Also side note, you have lost of closing </label> but never an opening <label> :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the help!

This looks good! Question (I’m a noob) : why do you have the class “next row” in your html when there isn’t anything like that in the style sheet? Is that just for the programmer to keep stuff in neat or is there a different function I’m epically missing? I’ve run into this problem with the listed example code as well. Thanks!

Using div, the div class .nextRow will start on a new line, and I didn’t add any other styling that is why it wasn’t in the style sheet. I hope I explained it well.:grinning: