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Hey fellow campers :camping:!

I have not yet finished all of the Data Visualization Projects. However, following the template of completing my Responsive Web Design certification post on the FCC forums, I wanted to create a topic where I will post my projects and each of their progress to completion!

Visualize Data with a Bar Chart
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Your feedback is very much appreciated. I started a customer support job a couple of weeks after I started my Responsive Web Design certification. I let my FreeCodeCamp progress come to a stop. Getting back in the code and keeping consistent has been better since starting the 100 Days of Code challenge. I am looking forward to your feedback (good and bad) because I know it will keep going too!

Thank You

If you feel the slightest passion for any topic, then I urge you to follow it like I did here and complete another graph. Even if you use an existing example like I did with this one, I am sure that you will still learn something.

I finished an extra credit project that was an idea that I could not let go and had to get out of me. My initial idea was to add China to the already existing US GDP bar chart project for this certification but after further research, the line graph is a better option for this comparison. Check it out below!

United States GDP vs. China GDP Line Chart
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