All FCC Projects in one React SPA (3/13)

Hello everyone,

This weekend I had the idea to combine all FCC Front End projects in one single React App.
I am now ‘done’ with 3 of them, which can be found here:

I will continue adding apps, according to the curriculum.

As always, any feedback or questions are welcome. If anybody is interested in the source code, let me know, then I will create a public GitHub repo :slight_smile:

Nice. I like the mouse-over effects, and the text description. Keep it up!

I think you should create a Github so future employers can look at your body of work.

Like you, I also combined my projects in a single “desktop” app where you can drag them around.

Thanks man :slight_smile:
Awesome work on your project, really like the idea. Would love it even more if the windows had the real ‘minimize/maximize’ functionality, but anyway damn good!