All Frontend Challenges In One Pen! (please help me fix bugs)


Decided to put all the fcc projects I’ve built into one page. Would really appreciate feedback, and let me know about any bugs you come across!

Things I’m still working on:

  • The photo icon in the temperature box is supposed to change the background image to picture related to your local weather, but it’s hard to implement without messing up the sidebar.

  • The sounds load really slowly on safari… trying to troubleshoot this, seems to be linked to the way safari caches audio files.

  • Trying to make it mobile-friendly. Works decent on portrait but it definitely won’t work properly if you’re viewing it landscape on your phone.

  • I think I’m overdoing the animations.

Huh, also finding some people aren’t being asked to enable location services so the temperature isn’t being fetched. Is navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition not the best method?