All journeys must start with a first step!

Hi there fellow campers!

I have been coding for quite a few months now and I am starting to get the hang of things (but I still struggle with javascript). I actually had an internship interview a while back (!!!), but unfortunately it didn’t work out. However, since then I have been busy with quite a few other things. I have been coding a newspaper website for my family and the other week a friend of a friend asked if I could help redesign and code their startup company’s website. I was also encouraged to apply to a few internships at the startup’s mother company. Helping the startup has been a really great learning experience and I will update you all on how it goes with the internship applications!

Keep up the great work everyone!




Thank you for sharing your story!

May you get the best of everything!
Hope to receive more follow up from you…


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I like that it’s a Single Page Application and the different sections display without a complete page reload. I like the fadeIn effect.

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@ddiaz104 Thank you!
@owel Happy to hear you like it!

I have just finished up making another permanent portfolio and gathered my projects there. I also purchased my own domain and web hotel. I’m still doing tests and all and I’m new to this, but I thought I’d post it for you to take a look at it. The background image won’t show properly on iPhones it seems, and the whole thing doesn’t display properly on One Plus… I’m trying to figure out why.
Let me know what you think, and if something else isn’t working the way it’s supposed to, please let me know!


The background image is showing on iphones and ipads, and Win8, and Android tablets and phones.


That’s great! It wasn’t working earlier but I made some changes. I added a media query for small screens to get rid of background-attachment fixed and also used a smaller image. It doesn’t scroll the way I want it to now (on smaller devices), but I can live with that!

Awesome! It sounds like you’re seizing every opportunity to get more hand-on experience.

Looking forward to reading your future updates and hearing about all the things you learn along your coding journey :slight_smile:


Thank you!
I’ve gone from having no projects to having lots to do now, after my final portfolio went live. Received such great feedback and it has really helped me improving my code and design. I now have three website projects to do and I’m really excited about getting started! Will keep this thread updated about what I’m up to!

I think your profile looks great! I am new to web development and you have inspired me. Thank you so much for sharing!

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wow, thank you! Makes me very happy to hear that, I appreciate it!
All the best on your web development journey!

Update: I am yet to find work as a front end developer, but I’m learning so much from the challenges that I’m currently doing (100 days of code and daily CSS Images) and I’m having such a great time doing them. Every day I think about how happy I am about getting into coding. It’s incredibly rewarding.

I’ve mostly been rejected for jobs because of lack of experience and education but I’m not letting it stop me. Still applying to jobs and I hope I’ll get lucky soon enough.

Meanwhile, I’ve been featured a lot on codepen’s picked pens and this week I’m also in the weekly Codepen Spark newsletter. I’m so excited and it is such a motivation booster. A big thank you to the freeCodeCamp community for helping me along my way! I hope to update you soon about a job opportunity :slight_smile:


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Hi Victoria, I was just looking at your portfolio. As a coding newby I’m not really qualified to have an opinion, but from a visual and design perspective I think it polishes up nicely. You clearly have an eye for design! With your coding skills and talent for design, I wonder if you’d enjoy UX design.

Please keep us posted on your progress :slight_smile:

Good Luck!

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Great thread which I have now bookmarked. I’m just getting into web development and will be eagerly following this for inspiration. Best wishes.

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Major update:


After having heaps of fun with CSS images and applying to a bunch of jobs all over the place, a company close to where I live contacted me about the possibility of joining their team. I had seen their job listing, but didn’t apply as they were looking for an experienced front end developer with JavaScript, so when they contacted me I told them I don’t fit their job listing at all. However, in spite of this they wanted to get to know me because my background and other experiences interested them (they were fans of my CSS images).

I was invited for a talk and sat down with them on Tuesday this week, and had a really great time getting to know them. Then, to my biggest surprise, they emailed me yesterday, so a day after our meeting, and told me I made a great impression on them and they would like to offer me a job. After some laughing/crying thinking this isn’t for real, I finally emailed them back. I’ll be getting my contract by the end of the week and start mid October.

This all happened so fast, and I am still in total shock. So yeah. Time to pop that champagne!
Don’t think I’d get this far with all the love and support I’ve been receiving from the FCC community, so thank you :heart:


Congrats !!! That’s awesome!

I checked your website, very nicely done. I like the way you marketed yourself. Using the CSS image challenge. It definitely caught their attention saying you’re a CSS expert. You also have an eye for design!

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hey this is ram can you help me in creating the account

Congratulations! Posts like yours motivates me to go on this quite frankly terrifying new journey :wink:. At what stage did you feel confident to apply for jobs? Did you use anything else besides FCC to study? I’m a total newbie with no experience with this, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you! It is a terrified journey indeed. I don’t know if I feel confident about it even now to be honest, kind of just throwing myself into it hoping for the best. I’ve always been interested in HTML and CSS, so I’ve been doing a tiny bit of it on and off since I was 16. The 100DaysOfCode challenge really helped me tho, as well as the daily css images challenge I’m doing :slight_smile: I’ve been setting short term goals and tried to have fun in the process, and that has really helped!

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Congratulations. It’s pretty rare for a company to apply to you instead of the other way around, so you should be proud. :grinning:


Hey Victoria, that is so incredible on your job. When will you start? will you be doing Javascript at work too? :slight_smile: It hasn’t been long too since your first post. just saw yes your CSS images are so pretty and the portfolio is very good indeed!! I have seen your posts on twitter 100daysofcode but didn’t know you were part of Free code camp. Many congratulations again. :slight_smile:

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