All my progress disappeared

Last week I did a bunch of challenges but now everything is gone
It seems to be a bug with duplicated account. But I can’t figure it out how to get back my progress. My only glimpse is that I set my username to rmourao last week, but now it shows romulomourao.
I think last week i logged with google and today with github. I also can’t remember if I logged with my main email account.

It looks like you created the romulomourao account back on June 1st of 2017. This account is linked to your GitHub profile (see image below). So when you logged in with GitHub, it logged you into this account.

Your rmourao account is set to private, so I can’t offer insight there.

If you created your new account with the same email address that is associated with your old account, this could cause problems. To fix the issue, log into your old account and go to the settings page. From here you can delete the account, unlink the GitHub profile, and change the email address. Another thing that will cause problems is related to your new account. All linked profiles (GitHub, Google, etc) must be associated with the same email address as the account itself.

Yeah…I know that

Last weekend I started from zero, but I’m pretty sure that I logged with the same email of this romulomourao account. I also found it weird cause I did remember of having a account already, with a few challenges completed.

Which account are you trying to keep?

rmourao account
But I need to be sure that it is associated with my main email
maybe getting a hint like recover password pattern (romu**** )

If you don’t want the old account from 2017, go ahead and delete it. If you don’t feel comfortable deleting it, then you need to disconnect your GitHub profile and change the email address it is associated with (as described above). Change or delete the account you do not want.

actually, I have no preference for account. I just want my progress back cause I spent all my weekend doing this, now it’s gone. I’m a little bit frustrated right now.

I can even remember which challenge i was

The answer is still the same.

how i disconnect from github? I already change the email from the romulomourao account

I also revoke the access at github apps

On the settings page it’s the box right below the one where you changed the email address.

woww.It worked :smiley:

can I associate github again?

You can link the account that you want to use to a GitHub profile, but the email associated with that profile must be the same email address as your FCC account.

ok thank you for your help

I’m glad you got it sorted out. Happy coding!