All projects done

Just submitted the last project. All projects and certifications are done. I’m sitting with a bottle of beer in front of the pc and staring at the certification list like an idiot.
It was a long way to go. I am happy.

Final thoughts:
I really like this kind of FCC-online-learning-style. All informations and tasks and every project were done via webbrowser. That’s cool. (I remember the times sitting with books in front of the pc installing software from an included cd…)

I like the modularity of the certifications. Every certification hast it’s own value so it’s not necessary to make them all.

I like the combination of online-learning plattform and the forum. It’s the (very active!) forum that gives FCC the real power.

So thank you everybody. Time for another beer:)



Congratulations for your achievement,very impressive!! :balloon: :partying_face: