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Finally have all my RWD projects where I want them. I already claimed the cert, but I’m always wanting to improve and feedback is always appreciated. :grin:

Link to original post with Tribute Page, Survey Form, and Product Landing Page

Technical Documentation Page
Personal Portfolio

@GrizzlyGinger, seeing that you already have one topic open for feedback for the tribute page, survey form and landing page please edit this post to remove them. Otherwise it’s duplicating a post and that is not allowed.

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Understood. Edited with link back to original post.

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Some things to revisit @GrizzlyGinger,

tech doc

  • On smaller screens there’s a horizontal scrollbar
  • The user story says for regular sized devices to have the navbar on the left. For smaller screens it would be better to have the navbar at the top. That would also give more real estate for users to read the body of the doc.


  • looks good
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That portfolio look great. Those tabs are nicely done and definitely inspired me Thanks for adding the link in the CSS :slight_smile:
Also the color management looks pretty nice me.

Only a couple of thins I would do different:

  • The spacing around text at certain places such as the buttons, projects and connect boxes is a bit tiny. Maybe add a little padding and margin at the bottom here and there to make the text stand out more.

  • Not all connect boxes are equally sized with smaller screen widths. Maybe prevent them for getting to small and let 2 of them slip over underneath when the screen is too narrow to display them all properly.

  • The extra vertical scroll bars in the project and about sections makes me experience not very smooth navigation: I have to move my mouse at particular places to continue moving up or down. Did you you planned it in this way?

About the technical documentation page I would want to add:

  • There seems something dysfunctional going on with font-size when the screen width is smaller (around tablet format).

  • To my personal taste the quotes look much much better with some padding, and maybe even centering them.

Great work! I had fun viewing it

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