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Hey fellow campers :camping:!

I have finished all of the Responsive Web Design Projects. I took the creative liberty for choosing content that is different from what is provided in the examples (it’s boring if we all do the same thing). I left the test suite in each project so that you can see that all tests are passing.

Your feedback (positive and negative) is requested. Thank you very much in advance.

Edit on June 6, 2020:
I have redone these projects. The previous versions from July 2018 have been deleted. I have provided links to my latest attempt at these projects in a more recent post in this thread.

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The Personal Portfolio page is very original indeed, and lots of interesting projects. I just noticed on the Survey Form that the responsive design is a bit glitchy in a couple of places

I’m happy to hear you think my Personal Portfolio page is original, @mcpop999. Living in an area that is saturated with web developers, I hope I can stand out!

@mcpop999, do you think I have fixed the issues you addressed? ALL number labels for recommendation rating are now below the input. Description checkbox inputs are now separated into positive and negative sections for better organization and resolution of spacing issue.

Why no demo page for the Park Bound project?

@RandellDawson, that is a good question. Park Bound requires a server and a database to operate, both of which cost money. For a while, I was paying $10 a month to Heroku to keep up a website that was hardly being used. If anyone knows of a free alternative, then please let me know about it, and hopefully I can get Park Bound back up and running again!

Hello again fellow campers :camping: !

I have finished the Responsive Web Design Projects again. As you can see in the previous messages of this thread, I already completed these projects two years ago. For whatever reason, I stopped progressing through the freeCodeCamp curriculum but have since restarted it.

Flash forward to the now, I have completely redone these projects! I hesitated posting these projects on this forum because I keep telling myself that they are not finished yet. However, I have come to the realization that getting the out is greater than them being what I believe to be “perfect.”

I look forward to hearing your feedback and implementing your suggestions and comments. Thank you very much in advance!

Build a Tribute Page

Build a Survey Form

Build a Product Landing Page

Build a Technical Documentation Page

Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage


@iccir919, they look good.
Don’t use <br> to force line breaks or spacing. That’s what CSS is for.

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