All solutions are gone, please help

I am working on intermediate algorithm scripting and I cleared my cache because my browser was frozen from a infinite loop and all my solutions are gone. I have read a tonne of articles asking about this issue and everyone can find their solutions in the section once they click their username etc, but when I did this it says view challenge instead of view solution, and when I go into them there is no solution. This is a huge problem for me because I was finding it really useful looking at previous ways I solved solutions. Is there anyway I can get these solutions back? I am finding it very difficult not having that help.

See the following thread for all the information related to this issue.

In case you don’t understand the announcement, let me address your specific points.

Viewing solutions is temporarily disabled. Your solutions are there, but currently, when you click the button it will not show you your solution. This was done on purpose because of a potential security threat.

I don’t believe you will be able to until this is resolved. I suggest storing your solutions somewhere else if you need to go back and reference them right now. You can message @raisedadead for updates on when this will be fixed.


Thanks Isaac, much appreciated. You were correct, I didn’t really understand the announcement, that was one of the threads I read earlier. Okay, no problem, it is not ideal but I will try to see if there is somewhere else I can store my solutions for reference…

Hi, we have prepared a fix, to re-enable viewing your solutions. Hopefully this will be available soon. I have updated the original announcement thread for details.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Oh brilliant, thank you. It is such a help going over previous tasks that you have completed. I find I learn a lot better that way than Googling it.