All these wiki topics in the forum

Could someone tell me the purpose of publishing all the FCC wiki pages to the forum? Is the forum intended to replace the wiki, provide an alternate UI to it, or something else? In any case, how are edits being handled?

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I have been wondering about the purpose of these too. It seems to me that no one is engaging with them and they only serve to add noise that drowns out more engaging topics.

I really appreciate the work that’s been put into the wiki, and I consult it often, but I don’t think the forum needs to mirror every entry.

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The forum is indee replacing the wiki elsewhere. We core member decided to move the wiki here and created its own section where only wiki articles should be posted. This should help avoid the “noise” issue.

They are meant to be educational, we have decided to allow discussion on them. If you want to read more about them then follow this link for guidelines and general info.