Allone - 1.0 by @think-I init

This is the first limbo/puzzle work of think-I initiative.
Its topic in general is a project feedback but can be anything.
And also can be nothing or meaningless for you…

Only follow the step if you can see the limbo and the beyond…we can talk about it.

Have fun and mostly good luck

think-I init.

Note: Some of the content is in Turkish, but can be translated or localized, easly.
There is no explanation of the puzzle. Especially, puzzle can not be puzzle if the creator explains about it. But, if you, frankly desire to solve the puzzle. I can say that, only the beginning of the math is the numerical dilemma, this pass can be summarized as “Human can not see the obvious that is always in front of thyself”

It looks quite meaningless, what is this supposed to be?

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Also, why was this put under Reviews category? It is not a review of the site from what I read in the post.

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It is a puzzle cointaning 3 different parts
But as you say, it seems totally meaningless :slight_smile:

I can not chose an exact category for a puzzle
What do you suggest?

Is this something you created? If so, then it would go best under Project Feedback. Also, it would be great if you put a link to your code on GitHub if you have it there. Maybe give more explanation of what the purpose of the puzzle is and how the user should interact with it to solve the puzzle.

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It is asking for a password to continue. What is the password so we can get to the actual puzzle? If guessing the password is the puzzle, then I think this is a complete waste of anyone’s time.

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what did you predict the pass may be after reading note part?

I put a sentence to first URL
How is it BEn?