Allowance of ***Genrative*** AI on freeCodeCamp

Hi there I am just interested of how Generative AI is permitted on the freecodecamp curriculum and forum considering the honesty pledge/policy would generative ai be banned and if so where?

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For sure, during final projects, that must be your own code written by you.

If you also want to talk about code, if the text is written by you, it’s a method for you to learn.

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Yeah, you shouldn’t be using GPT or similar to write project code for you.

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HI @reneyibowei !

I agree with the previous comments earlier.

But also, it is important to remember that the goal of these certification projects is not just for gaining the certification but to learn the core skills needed for becoming a professional developer.

When you build projects on your own you will learn the following:

  • you will learn how to debug errors
  • you will learn how to research documentation and ask for help
  • you will learn about new methods and techniques that you can use in your code
  • you will learn how to break a large, complex problem down into smaller manageable problems and improve your problem solving skills

All of these are required skills for working as a professional developer and all of these skills can be learned by building projects

Hope that helps


I really feel like common sense should tell you the answer to this, but to explain:

In terms of the curriculum, the point is to to demonstrate that you know how to do something. If you instead generate an answer, then you aren’t demonstrating you know anything. It’s pointless. You’re cheating yourself for no gain: the curriculum doesn’t result in any formal qualification, it’s just for you. And the challenges are there for you to demonstrate knowledge.

In terms of the forum, you are answering someone’s question. If they want to, they can use ChatGPT or whatever. But if they’re asking in the forum, then they’re asking other people for help.

Say you were trying to have a conversation with someone. Every time you asked them something they’d ignore you, whip out their phone and say “Ok Google, {your question}”, then hold the phone up in front of you as it gave some generic answer that may/may not be helpful. That would be really really annoying, right? That’s what the ChatGPT answers on the forum are like.


I’ll use ChatGPT to explain what the assignment is asking if I can’t figure it out on my own

or you can ask here on the forum :person_shrugging: