Almost done with my portfolio!

Would love some feedback!


Looks pretty good! Few things I would change.

  • Text color in the header don’t contrast well with background color. Try using a different color.
  • The dots at the end of sections could be misleading. I thought they were nav circles I can click on.
  • Change the cursor when mouse hovers on your projects.

Really like the burger menu on mobile btw.


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Very nice design and layout! I can almost put aside my fear of puppets…almost :sweat_smile:

A couple of little things…you have a hr above your “About Me” that collides with your header:


In your intro, you say “As you already know, my name is Chris” I think keeping it to an introduction as opposed to a, I need no introduction would be a much better first impression.

The goal you have and call to action for people to contact you for is to contribute to their project ideas. Its super unclear if your focus is to join an open source project or you are looking to freelance… Id make the wording a bit more clear there on that.

Oh, and just personal pet peeve, Id leave off any projects you are not ready to go into your portfolio…the under construction is giving me 90’s web flashbacks! But like I said, personal pet peev.

Great portfolio and I like your projects too…really nice eye for design :smiley:

Thanks, Really appreciate the input
I’ve been playing with different color schemes, I think you are right, it needs something darker.\

Do you mean set the cursor when it is over any part of the image?

Good input. Thanks, I hope this did not give you too much puppet trauma. I didn’t mean for my paragraph to imply I need no introduction, just that my name is in four places within the welcome section. I was thinking of just omitting to repeat my name. What are your thought on that?

What browser are you using?
the heading is supposed to have 32px of padding,
on my end I have tested in opera, chrome, and firefox and gotten this
could anyone else confirm if you are getting the above or

What do you think of using a downward chevron instead?
Somewhat like VVVVVV

Yep. Change the curosr to pointer when mouse hovers over images because that’s calling your mini modal.

Yes I would do a downward chevron that makes more sense.

Cheers :tada:

thanks! Appreciate it

@ChrisCline1138, I’m seeing the second one, same as @cndragn

I’m on a MacBook Pro running El Capitan. Browsers are Chrome v73, Firefox v64 and Safari v11 (and actually on Safari the little blue circles are little blue squares).

I will have to figure out the cause. on inspect if you turn off this does it fix the issue

Chrome Version 73.0.3683.86, screen resolution 1366x768

When I disabled align-self:start that did fix the overlap issue

I’ll be staying up tonight…puppets maaaan! lol Only thing that scares me more than puppets is clowns…but porcelain dolls are also a close second. Really made for a rocky childhood as you might imagine :joy:

These projects look neat! I also am trying to build my portfolio. Just some questions out of curiosity:

  1. What were all the tools you used to create these projects? Were these front-end, back-end, both?
  2. How long did it take you to do each project?
  3. Did you take the FCC Web Development Course to build these projects? If so, how long did it take you to finish the course from start to finish?

I was able to replicate this thank you so much for pointing it out.

the issue comes from different viewport heights and the fact that the grid row dimensions that element is placed in relies on percentages rather than a fixed unit. When the grid row becomes smaller in height than the element it pushes it down into the hr. setting a fixed value for that row will solve the problem. :smile:

Lesson learned when testing a site do not just check what happens at different widths but also at different heights.

I appreciate all the help

Hi, thank you so much…
in answer to your questions,

  1. this is all front end, except for a tiny bit of JS in the portfolio navigation all of these projects are purely HTM / CSS.
    As far as workflow I do use Photoshop a great bit for my images (cropping, color correction, composites, save for web comes in handy)
    The welcome section images and my puppet avatar are created in a program called Daz Studio and rendered via a program called Reality
    I use atom for my code editor
  1. each project takes varies in time I find what takes me the longest is to make a mental picture of what I want to do with it. Once I have a design in mind the code flows fairly quick. (except for fixing bugs). That is where peer review is so helpful.
    Right now I am working on getting the hang of wire framing and prototyping in hopes that will lead to a shorter design time.
  1. yes prior to finding FCC I had somewhat played with a little bit of HTML but had only made one website using Adobe Muse which is really a drag and drop wysiwyg tool. FCC really has been a great experience. However I view the curriculum as a learning path or framework and not a complete source. Supplementing what is presented in the curriculum with additional research and video tutorials found elsewhere is a must in my opinion. One awesome resource I have found is Kevin Powell’s YouTube channel I seriously recomend it

I joined FCC December 8 2018 So I have been coding for 110 days. Wow just realized I just passed the 100 day mark :star_struck::boom::100:

happy coding


I’m with you on the clowns, never really been around porcelain dolls
but here is a place that combines it all into a “no fing way I’m spending the night there” attraction

A clown motel featured in Ghost Adventures

@ChrisCline1138 this is quite nice, with the colors and design, one can see your personal style in the page, which is really good! Maybe you can leave out the under construction part, it was a distraction as it called attention from the rest of the projects outlined.
Otherwise great portfolio page!

Thank you,
I appreciate it
I am almost done with the landing page, at first I just had a pink square, but I needed a place holder in order to get my grid layout like I wanted it and to test it. Decided to add the under construction image but maybe a blank pink square would have been better. I fully plan on having an actuall page image within a few days though

This isn’t a finished version of the portfolio, but I like to start getting feedback early because people help you find bugs that way

Wow that daz studio and reality stuff looks very cool!!! The characters look so real! Maaan technology is so awesome :smiley:

Yeah, I saw that episode of Ghost Adventures…I was about 10% intrigued and 90% noping out that whole episode lol I wont even go to the circus, so visiting this hotel is not gonna happen!

same here, Just from the parking lot it looks like a lovely place to be murdered

Like the front page, well designed, and your project area looks pretty good too. Good luck and happy coding.