Almost done with my Product Landing page need help

I have been struggling a lot with my product landing page and this is where i have reached so far and your ideas could help me finish the project since am out of ideas.

I’m not sure what you mean by “out of ideas”. The instructions and tests tell you what you need to do. For example, when I run the test suite, I get the failed test:

  1. I can see an image within the #header element with a corresponding id=“header-img”. A company logo would make a good image here.

AssertionError: #header-img is not defined : expected null to not equal null at …

It’s telling you exactly what it’s looking for. Fix all the failed test, make sure it looks nice and makes sense, and then move onto the next challenge.

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Besides passing the tests. If you need inspiration the web is full of it, no surprise.

Also, you have to work on what you have already. Like the product grid needs some love. And your nav links don’t work.