Almost finished my first project - my portfolio

Hello all :slight_smile:
Today is 1st of September so summer is already behind us. Time to work and start coding seriously.
Here is my first project - my portfolio - which is probably almost finished. It is fully responsive website so should look good on the various screen sizes - phone, tablet, pc.

Now I can change it, add new sections, simply I can have fun by changing and improving it.
I would be grateful for any tips, what I should improve or what to change.
I am at the beginning of my way but hope to learn quickly and start to work as a Front-end developer.
Form actually does not really work - I learn RoR so I will be able to setup my own testing server (I hope very soon) and it should work perfectly then. Anyway you can find simple input validations and submit action as well, but it will not send anything to me right now :wink:

Thanks in advance! Happy coding for y’all.


Awesome! :thumbsup:

There’s a bug on mobile :frowning:. Clicking the hamburger icon reloads the page.

@kevcomedia you mean tapping on logo?
It is expected behaviour from my point of view. How should it work then?
I think tapping/clicking on logo always (or at least in the most cases) reloads/refreshes the page.

Anyway I found one bug on phone too - side menu is not hidden by tapping anywhere outside it.
X icon works correctly, but I should improve UX here.

I meant the icon on the right side (the one with the three bars)

Ah ok
Haven’t noticed it is called ‘hamburger’ too.
Interesting because I can’t reproduce it on my iPhone…