Alternative for Selenium

I’ve a sample website hosted on pythonanywhere. I’m a free user, and there’s a condition that, we need to log in once 3 months and click a button Keep this app for 3 months from now.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have the section for above requirement in their API, Therefore I’ve to program a python script to that job for me each month.
I’ve experience with Selenium, but I think it’s pretty cpu consuming. It’ll be better to know some alternatives selenium to log in to my account and then click the button.

An alternative with Python is just controlling your mouse and keyboard using something like this approach as documented in the “Automated the boring stuff with Python” book.

This way is way more finicky as your have to setup where your mouse is on the screen, but its vastly more “flexible” since you can use it for almost anything.

This also is great for general repetitive tasks beyond just clicking some button.

Good luck, keep building, keep learning!

This way, I can also run javascript in my browser console to do the task for me.
Thank you for the idea!!

But, this can’t be run as the background job, as controlling my mouse will do the stuff on my screen only.
Is their anything similar to --headless-chrome for selenium.