Alternative solution for Convert HTML Entities challenge

I came up by my own with an alternative solution for Convert HTML Entities Challenge.
It might be basic but I’m happy that it looks good and that I didn’t find a similar solution it in the comments of the challenge.
Also I think it’s a good excuse to start participating in the forum :grin:
If you think there is something that I could change to do a better practice, please let me know :wink:

function convertHTML(str) {
 return str.split("").map((char) => char 
 === "&" ? "\&"
 : char === "<" ? "\&lt;"
 : char === ">" ? "\&gt;"
 : char === "\\"" ? "\&quot;"
 : char === "\\'" ? "\&apos;"
 : char).join("")

console.log(convertHTML("Hamburgers < Pizza < Tacos"));

I am a bit confused as to how what you have written works.
map((char) => char === “&” ? “&” this line will simply return what char already is with no conversion. The whole function as far as I can tell simply returns an unaltered string. Did you perhaps leave out some of your code?

That aside I personally do not like a bunch of chained ternaries as I find them difficult to read, and in this case you have essentially written a switch statement so you might as well use it unless you do not like switch statements, and I personally do not, but they have there place.

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I assume this is what you had written as a whole? It does look a bit different , but that was just how I’ve written it.

const convertHTML = str => (
   str.split("").map((char) => char === '&' ?
  : char === '<' ? '&lt;'
  : char === '>' ? '&gt;'
  : char === '"' ? '&quot;'
  : char === "'" ? "&apos;"
  : char).join("")

console.log(convertHTML('Hamburgers < Pizza < Tacos'));
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Nice. but it’s better to use something like replace function for replacing purposes
In code it would be like:

function convertHTML(str) {
      return str.replace('<', '&lt;')
      .replace('>', '&gt;')
       // and so on

Also use replaceAll or regular expressions if you had mulitple ‘<’ in your text and you wanted to replace all of them. Good luck :wink:

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I edited it so you can read it as I wrote it.
Thank you for your advice!

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I like using a map, though a nested ternary is hard to read. Personally, I prefer a map with a lookup table.

I would not chain a bunch of regex replaces. That would be much slower.

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