Alternatives to New Relic

New Relic an application performance metrics platform is quite expensive generally costing upwards of $80/month for detailed data. Is there a free alternative to New Relic preferably something that’s self contained and stores data in MongoDB. It’s a useful tool but too expensive for most students to afford.

Prometheus stores the data. Can output to Grafana or similar ( Note you have to actually instrument all the code. I’m not sure of any other open source solutions that provide the same level of monitoring; you could probably write stuff and instrument everything manually and the log the results to Mongo, but then you have to weigh time needed to that Vs paying for a service which does it all. Why do you need that level of performance monitoring for student projects, out of curiosity?

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Personal projects and as a student can not afford an $80/month bill for monitoring them. The data helps me improve response time.