Am a linux user do i qualify to be here

my name is fikile am new to this industry and i have start learning linux now and am not sure if am

The only qualifications that are needed are being curious about learning to code and being kind to others. So if you fit those, you are qualified :slight_smile:

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If you are a general linux user, you are more than welcome here. A lot of us use linux or have used it at some point.

If you are trying to learn linux in depth for networking, etc., freeCodeCamp doesn’t really teach the things that will help you, but some people on our forum might be able to help.

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Am a linux user

Yo, are you thinking to surprise us?

For the first time, Linux is the leading platform on the Stackoverflow developer survey

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I don’t think it matters what O/S you use. I develop pretty much everything on FCC online now. All I need is internet access!

Hang on? People develop on Android? or for Android? Maybe the question is confusing!