Am confused about adding picture to my web page since the beginning . For example I wand to add a chef picture<a href ="" alt=" chef standing holding a knife"> please help will this add the picture of a chef to my web page

Do you mean I should post the code link again am sure that will create a dublicate post which is an error. But instead can I understand the case where an error message display "special characters must be escape [>]

When you have questions about a specific line of code it would help to see that particular line so we could understand what the problem is. You can paste the code into your reply using the preformatted text option.

When you have general questions about the overall projects then posting the link to your codepen is fine.

Hope that clears it up.

did you want to use that character in the text showed in the page? if no, you have syntax errors before that line

you have never given the link to your tribute page - or I can’t find it - and that makes it really difficult to know what’s wrong

My project link