Am I cheating? or is it ok?

Hey guys, been busy this week I am happy I got time to sit on JS now :slight_smile:

I 've got a question.

I’ve implemented a logic into one of the algorithm challenges, I tried making it work but something made it not work. ( I wouldn’t say it was major but important obviously ).

I’ve went and checked some other peoples codes, and one of the codes gave me an idea how to fix my issue and I fixed it and managed to complete the challenge.

My question is, is it cheating? is it fine? is it okay?
On one hand it feels cheating, on the other hand it feels okay, I’ve understood the issue and that’s how I fixed it. I feel like it’s good & bad same time, but what do you think? would like to hear, Thank you :).

P.S. I always try to do something 100% on my own first, until I feel like I am “hard stuck”. (even then I still try to give it another go, before I look for help).

I always say - looking at code and writing code are two different skills. You always have plenty of time to look at other solutions, but you only one chance to write the code from scratch yourself.

If you get stuck, you can always ask for hints on the forum. That way you cn practice writing as much of the solution from scratch as possible!


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