Am I doing some thing wrong with the HTML questions?

//Can someone please tell me what the correct code would be. From what I see there is a typo in the question, (it is supposed to read “Hello” without the “world” and we are to add the latter to make it “Hello World” using an h1 heading, which it already has. What am I forgetting?//
// To pass the test on this challenge, change your h1 element’s text to say “Hello World”.//

    Hello World

When I try to run the code it just returns “running tests…” but never completes.

What browser are you using? And where are you?

Certain browsers, like Edge, won’t run the curriculum in anything resembling a reliable way. And depending on the firewall, I’ve had occasions where the jQuery library being imported is failing. If you’re at a school, or an employment office, or somewhere with filtered internet, it may be that the library is being blocked.

First thing I’d check, try running the page on Chrome, and run the tests. If it works, you know it’s the browser.

If it doesn’t work, it could potentially be the internet connection being monitored.

Let us know how it works out.

Thank you for your advice. I honestly am not sure if that solved my problem because I was in the midst of paniccing a bit and I cannot remember what happened on that particular stumbling block, but I gave you a check mark because it sounds like sound advice. When you say to run the code in Chrome you mean using the DevTools(f12) am I right? Is that better than using a compiler or say powershell?